Finding a Vibrant History of Community In The Bitterrooot In The History Of Montana Governors

My daughter recently had to do a report on the history of Montana governors, and I must admit I actually wanted to help her out. We live in Billings now, and I wanted to learn all I could about the past leaders of the state.

It’s not that I’m a helicopter parent or even all that enthusiastic about helping my kids with their homework, but I do want to learn all I can about the history of this state. Even though we’re transplants from back East, my husband has political aspirations. He’s hoping to run for city council, then mayor, and maybe the governor or a seat in Congress. Hopefully, it’ll take long enough that our kids can graduate and be on their own before we wind up in Washington.

For now, I know that I’ll eventually be a possible First Lady of the state or something like that, and I want to show respect and appreciation for this state and its heritage. We’ll never be natives of this state, but we are citizens here now, and learning about the history of Montana governors might help me guide my husband to success.